Between Ropes

An up-and-coming boxer who is used to being number one finds himself struggling against a new opponent. In desperation he uses supernatural elements to help break down his rival.

Year: 2012

Runtime: 15 min

Directed, Written, & Edited by: Jimmy Francis

Produced by: Jimmy Francis

Starring: Sandro Khafor, Daniel Cassami, Stéphane Bertola, Börje Lundberg, Firat Delen, Nils Westman, Rebecca Melodie

Key Crew: Co- Prod. Mattias Bloom / DoP – Kalle Svensson / Prod. Design – Lisa Krantz / 1st AD – Jonna Dreiman / Make Up – Felica Thisell / Sound Design – Tommy Ottebjer / Music – Martin Öhman


Theme: Overlay by Kaira