Support Group Olympus

A member of the board of directors tries to analyze if support group Olympus is helping its very unique members comprising of former greek gods.

Year: 2010

Runtime: 13 min

Directed & Written by: Jimmy Francis

Produced by: Jimmy Francis

Starring: Drífa Hansen, Jonas Walldow, Calle Stjernlöf, Marall Nasiri, Davood Tafvizian, Maria Åström, Kola Krauze, Sofia Zouagui, Nik Dahlström

Key Crew: DoP & Editor – Peter Klint / Prod. Manager – Anders Hasselroth / 1st AD – Tobias Liljeros / Art Director – Linnéa Pettersson / Make Up – Anna Behring / Sound Design – Mattias Gyllby

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